100 Year Old Wood Right Under Our Nose

As we began thinking of getting rid of an old piano, one my wife learned to play on and a gift from her mother, she immediately thought of creating a memory for herself by making a wall hanging using some of the piano’s keys in a picture-frame made from some wood from the piano, but we didn’t give one thought to the age of the wood.

<p>Not until we began disassembling the piano did we find a clearly stamped serial number on the harp of this old Carlisle piano.  It only took a couple seconds after typing in the name of the manufacturer and the model number to learn the the piano was manufactured between 1903 and 1905.  We had wood that was milled over 107 years ago!  Not only was it 107 years old, it had not been exposed to the elements and was in pristine condition.  Suddenly it was important to save as much of this wood as possible.

<p>A quick search on youtube.com and we found a video explaining how to correctly disassemble a piano which showed in detail the procedure used by the person who filmed the  deconstruction of his piano.  It was interesting to watch and then put into practice.  The detail and intricacies of this 100 year old instrument were fascinating.  Ultimately we found in the piano an extremely heavy large harp and immediately thought of the woods ability to support this harp for so long and so well.

<p>My original thought was to call for a special pickup from our trash collection company.  Then I remembered a friend telling me that he had put new gutters up and posted the old gutters on craigslists.org as scrap metal and someone picked them up.  It only took 20 minutes for a person to pick up this heavy harp and I knew they would take it to a scrap metal yard where it would be recycled instead of ending up in in a trash dump site.

<p>A nice pile of 100+year old wood with many uses, metal recycled, and a happy wife…a win, win, win!

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