Repurposing Door Knobs and Pulls

Door knobs and pulls come in such a wide variety of designs and materials I can see why some people collect them.  The very old glass knobs found around the turn of the century are like large jewels and drawer pulls come in many designs, colors, materials and vintages.  So what should we do with them?

The decorative nature of drawer pulls makes them great for craft type uses.  I saw a plaque in a child’s room that was no more than a painted piece of wood where drawer pulls where used to spell out the child’s name.  A one of a kind piece of art.

While you likely don’t have a collection of knobs laying around your house they are easy to find at estate sales and auctions.  Architectural reclamation stores are a good place to shop for unique pulls and knobs as well.   Pulls are a different story if you have done any kitchen, bath or furniture remodeling.  For some reason it is hard to throw away these little gems.

The easiest place to use knobs and pulls are for hangers and hooks.  Imagine several of those old glass knobs mounted to a board and used to hang coats on.  Or a single knob mounted on the wall to hang a picture or mirror from.  Use them in your shop to hang garden tools or extension cords, etc.

Without thinking too hard you can likely come up with ways to utilize your cash of pulls.  Remember whenever you reuse or re-purpose anything the savings are many fold.  You didn’t throw the pulls or knobs away so there is less waste in the landfills.  You didn’t buy a new product that needed to be manufacturer consuming energy in the manufacturing.  That product didn’t need to be transported by truck or rail which consumes a large amount of energy.  It didn’t need to be packaged in any way which also avoids waste.  Being creative saves!

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