Recycling Chalkboards

It is always interesting to see how people recycle, reuse and re-purpose different materials and this is no exception.  A small clip in the local newspaper showed using discarded chalkboards to make serving trays.  In the example they used the chalkboard to serve cheese with the names of the cheese written in chalk below each different cheese.  Can this be safe?

After some research I learned that prior to 1950 chalkboards were mostly made from slate and later made by enameling porcelain on steel, who knew?  With the advent of marker boards many new schools are being constructed without a single chalkboard in them.  Of course this will make old chalkboards more rare as time goes by.

So would chalk be a problem?  Chalk is made primarily from calcium carbonate which as I understand it as a layperson is not harmful to humans in general.  Like everything I’m sure there are exceptions with individuals allergic to calcium carbonate and these people should avoid contact with old chalk boards as well as chalk.

The news clip also showed a site with reclaimed chalkboards available for purchase  at www.uncommongoods.com .  These boards would be great for diner parties or events where labeling of your display would be helpful.  We at recycled furniture are constantly amazed at the ingenuity and creativity of all those showing respect for the plant by reusing, recycling and repurposing.

If you have an idea we would like to hear from you.

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