House on the Market? Now here’s a great chance to Recycle, Reuse, and Re-purpose

This is the first of several articles developed when we placed our primary residence on the market.  Actually we decided to place our house in Florida on the market, sell it and place our other house in our home town for sale when we found a new house to buy in our home town.

We have been retired for several years and had a large house in Florida for 9 years.  After 9 years it was apparent that we were spending half of our time in Florida and the other half with our family in our home town and we were never going to call Florida our full time home.

The cost of maintaining two homes was costly but we enjoyed the neighborhood and our friends there.  Not until we started working on our website rentalhome.com did I realize, we could  sell our place and still rent a house near the water and pocket a tidy sum of money annually without all the cost and headaches associated with having a home a long distance away.

In this experience we learned so many valuable lessons that I want to pass on to you, beginning with picking a realtor and covering subjects like; picking a mover, picking a car hauler, picking a storage facility, what do with the contents of the house for sale, negotiating the sale, and ultimately how to recycle, reuse and re-purpose within the many opportunities that are presented in the sale of one house and the purchase of another..

This first installment will deal with the particulars of selling and moving and in later articles we will get to the matter of recycling.

Picking a realtor…….many lessons learned here.  I picked a realtor that was big in the area and part of a national brokerage firm which didn’t turn out.  We literally introduced her to some interested buyers on her first day who presented an offer to buy which we accepted.  The buyer was having problems getting the interest rate that they wanted and throw some bad advice from our realtor, we played hard ball with the buyer and they walked away.  Then the showings became very infrequent.  When we sat down and looked at the process we looked for a realtor with a great presence on the internet, since most property searches begin on the internet.  The new realtor not only had these qualifications but also had a staff that checked the home after showings to make sure lights were turned off and doors we locked.  While our sale wasn’t immediate, it sold and we had confidence it would with this realtor.

When our first buyers looked promising we wanted to be out of the way for closing, so we look for a mover to move our furnishings.  This can be extremely important not only for transporting you property safely but also if the moved property needs to stay in a storage facility as it happened for us (for nearly a year).  If you are moving more than just across town in my opinion you need a national or coastal mover, one of the big names.  Prices varied a lot more than I thought possible but the important things to look for are first make sure when you are getting quotes from your movers they do a detailed inventory of what you want moved and get a copy.  The more detailed the better.  The next thing I would suggest is that the insurance, which is costly, has little value when you look at how it is applied.  Ask questions about the insurance you will see.  The option of packing yourself or not is up to you, we paid to have them pack most everything.  A year later we could find things, in labeled boxes at our storage facility and they were still safe from damage.  We ended up with our belongings on two different trucks because the mover had a client add a lot to their move contents at the last minute.  Wasn’t a problem other than needed to meet two truck rather than one at the storage facility.

Picking a storage facility is fairly easy as long as you think about it.  You will want to be in the general area where your new house will be.  Cost certainly varies a lot.  But one of the things most often overlooked is that a tractor/trailer will need to get near you storage unit otherwise you will need to pay extra for the mover to unload your furniture.  Visit the storage facility and look at the layout.  Many facilities are shoehorned on to lots in congested areas without thought of how anything other than a small truck having access.

And finally in this article, finding a car hauler.  This part is easy.  I would not go online and find a hauler.  You won’t find any haulers, you find brokers who sell the lead to a hauler at a price where they make a good profit.  The best thing to do is find someone who uses a hauler they are happy with and negotiate a price directly.  Most car haulers are going to want cash at the delivery point, be aware of that.

This article is getting long and believe it or not I have been brief in the description of our services.  The next article in this series will address “Recycling and Conservation when relocating”

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