New Look for Kitchen Cabinets

We have finally finished all the projects we had planned for the house we purchased a year and a half ago.  I’ve done several articles describing the thought process and implementation of projects and now I have some time to show you the results and talk in more detail regarding the steps to get these results.

There were several projects that were obvious when we purchased this “short sale” but the most glaring to us was the kitchen cabinets.  All the stained woodwork in the house; kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, entertainment cabinet, buffet and front door were done in a light maple color.  While the cabinets were very nice the color was simply not our taste.





These were all custom cabinets and we knew we needed to find a way to reuse them.  Obviously we could sand them down and try to find a stain that would work with the maple wood to get the color we wanted.  We could paint the cabinets a solid color which is common today, but how long will that be in style.

As we talked to builders, these were the options they suggested.  Having done a kitchen remodel many years ago with new cabinets that turned out perfectly, I contacted the cabinet maker we used then and he suggested we talk with the fellow he used to do all his finish work.  We scheduled an appointment for him to come see the project and give us a bid.  He spent quite a bit of time looking at the construction of the cabinets and talked to us about what we wanted.

My wife and I have been through several remodeling projects and knew what we wanted.  My wife told he contractor that she wanted the cabinets to be dark, not expresso but more walnut color than anything else and she did not want the color to have any red in it like mahogany.  The contractor asked if he could take one of the drawers with him to do a sample finish on and he would return the next day to see if we liked the color.  Normally I would not let go of a drawer but this contractor was a known entity to us to we let him take the drawer with him.

The next day he returned with exactly what we wanted as far as color and finish.  His price was 1/3 the price of other quotes we had and they had not provided a sample.  I had to ask how his price was that much cheaper.  He said he was not sanding and refinishing, he was faux finishing the cabinets.  Here’s how they turned out.



Daily I walk by these cabinets and marvel at the craftsmanship that went into making our kitchen exactly as we had envisioned it.  If you happen to live in the Kansas City area I would gladly give you his name, Brad Busby with Finish Works.

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