Re-purpose Christmas Lights with a Clear Vase

This is an easy project to complete with stunning results.  The project is to use an old tall clear vase and put a string of the small Christmas lights inside.  I saw in a restaurant in the South.  They had drilled a small hole at the base of the vase, large enough to get the light string cord through.  I assume they used a ceramic tile drill bit to drill the hole in the glass.

They push the cord from the inside of the vase, through the hole and re-attached the plug after doing so.  Those of us less handy could just have the cord come out of the top of the vase and tape the cord to the vase with clear packing tape and acheive the same results if we put the lamp in a location that would conceal the cord running down the outside of the vase.

Please go to this site to see an example of the project  http://imageshack.com/a/img913/2179/nlWMah.jpg

It truly is a great looking addition to any livingroom, familyroom, den or game room.

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