Furniture Buyer FAQs

What are the steps to purchasing furniture?
Browse or search the RecycledFurniture.com website. We’ve made it easy to find used and recycled furniture by categorizing each item by style, room, price and location.

Click on a listing within the results pages. Each item’s listing page includes an item description, item price,location of the item and contact information.

You may contact the furniture seller directly via a phone or email contact accessible within the item listing or you may send a message to the seller using our web based forms.

I have found Furniture I would like to purchase, now what do I do?
Congratulations on both finding the item(s) you were looking for and successfully negotiating the price.

If your purchase is made outside your general area you may have a couple items which need your attention.

Unless shipping arrangements were made as part of your purchase price, you will need to find a shipping company to pick up and deliver the item(s) you purchased. There are many companies in the shipping business and we recommend you shop around to find the best price and service for your needs. Don’t forget there are some specialty shipping companies for common items like pianos, rugs, art and other fragile items which you should consider.

Additionally you may want to include the services of an escrow agent to assure the payment is not made until the product is shipped or received.

Thank you for shopping with us and embracing the needs of our planet to conserve and reuse whenever possible.

I have received my Furniture and there is a problem.
If you have any problems with your furniture purchase we recommend contacting the seller and working out the details. Please fill out our buyers report so that we may review the situation.

How do I know if an item is New, Used or made from Sustainable materials?
The only true way to know is by viewing the item in person. We encourage sellers to circulate used furniture into the marketplace but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any listing. We recommend viewing an item in person so that you may make an educated purchase.

Is RecycledFurniture.com an Auction Site?
No, we are not an auction site we are a classified listing service.

What are the ebay listings?
In certain instance we backfill our results with ebay listings for your convenience.

How do I delete my account?
To delete your account simply log in and select the Delete Account option.

Furniture Seller FAQs

How do I sell Furniture?
Selling your furniture on RecycledFurniture.com is simple. Click here to register for an account. Once you have confirmed your registration you can log into your account and click on the Add a Listing link.

How much does it cost to sell Furniture?
There are two listing options. You may list your item for free or you may purchase a premium listing. A premium listing fee is a one-time fee of $9.99.

What is a Premium Listing?
A Premium listing offers additional exposure, it removes the similar listings section, longer listing duration and most of all it allows for you to upload images of your item. Below is a comparison of Premium and Free listings.

Free and Premium listing comparison

How do I edit my listing?
Log into your account and select the View/Edit My Listings link.

How long is my listing good for?
A Premium listing is good for 30 days where a Free listing is only good for 15 days.

How do I ship Furniture I sold?
Shipping your furniture should be arranged between you and the buyer. Contact several shipping companies for quotes and referrals.

If your account is terminated
We received a complaint or your account or listing has violated our terms and conditions.

How do I delete my account?
To delete your account simply log in and select the Delete Account option.

How do I upgrade my listing to Premium?
Upgrading is easy, log into your account and select the View/Edit My Listings link. Click the View/Edit link next to the listing you would like to modify. On the edit page you then click on the Upgrade Listing button. You now have the option to submit additional text to your descriptions, add photos and your listing duration is extended 30 days.

How do I view my Storefront?
Within your account, click on the My Storefront link. This link will then take you to your listings page. Your listings page is where you can refer potential buyers.

How do I view my Reviews and Feedback?
Within your account, click on the My Storefront link. Your Storefront will show all reviews buyers have left. If you feel a buyer has left an unfair feedback or review please contact us.


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