Furniture 101

Accent chair - A chair whose design or color provides an accent in a specific setting.

Arcade games - Arcade games include pinball machines as well as standup floor style video games.

Area carpet - A carpet that does not cover the entire floor and is not permanently attached to the floor as a wall -to -wall carpet is installed.

Armoire - An armoire was originally design as a piece of furniture for a bedroom which would hold clothes, providing more closet space in a bedroom. Today armoires are used for this same function as well as a piece of furniture used to hold TV’s and keep them out of sight when not in use.

Artificial (silk) plants - Artificial plants are plants made of plastic or silk to simulate the appearance of real plants. Typically these plants are sold in a pot or planter.

Baker’s rack - Originally used to store bakers pot and pans today a baker’s rack is still used in the kitchen to display cookware and collectibles. They are typically made of wood with metal ornamentation.

Banquette seating - Banquette seating is seating that is bench like and often surrounds three side of a table like restaurant booths.

Bar (height) table and chairs - The table is 40 to 44 inches in height with chairs of corresponding height usually found in game rooms or in small dining rooms.

Bar stools - Bar stools are seating for counters or bars and come in two general size ranges to fit those applications. Counter height bar stools are between 24 and 26 inches, bar height bar stools are between 28 and 30 inches high to the seat. Bar stools may or may not have a back support to them and some incorporate a swivel seat.

Bassinett - An infant bed with casters for ease of moving around and may have the ability to rock.

Bean bag chair - Bean bag chairs are cloth, plastic or leather bags filled with material easily conforming to one’s sitting position. Typically found in a family room or game room.

- Beds are bed frames with the headboard and footboard (if applicable) sold as a set. The normal sizes for these beds are referred to as; twin, full size, queen and king which refers to the corresponding size of mattress.

Bed frames - Bed frames are metal or wood frames used to support mattresses.

Bench - A bench is elongated seating without a back. Benches are used in formal and informal living areas as well as at the foot of beds in bedrooms. Benches can be bare wood, fabric, metal or leather covered to fit with the décor of the space they are used in.

Billiard table - Of similar construction to a pool table, a billiard table has no pockets and is used to play “billiards”

Book shelves - Open shelves used for the display and organization of books and file materials.

Breakfast table - A table used in a kitchen or breakfast nook made for informal dining.

Breakfront - A breakfront is a hutch whose front surface area has some pattern of wave or indentation built into it.

Bunk beds - Bunk beds are two full sized beds stacked on over the other therefore requiring the floor space on only one bed for two beds.

Cabinets - Similar to shelving units only with doors and can have drawers. Used for storage.

Cedar chest - Typically a box with hinged top, made from cedar used for storage of clothes and blankets.

Chaise - A chaise or chaise lounge is a sofa -like design for one person with an extended base for comfortably lying down. At the turn of the century the chaise was most commonly called a fainting couch.

Changing table - A table designed for ease of changing diapers and clothes.

Chest - A chest is a type of trunk usually with an arched top. A chest might include shelves and or drawers.

Chest of drawers - A vertical set of drawers used for clothes storage constitutes a chest of drawers.

Chifforobe - A chifferobe is a storage unit with shelves and drawers with doors to conceal clothing and other stored items.

Children’s desk and chairs - A set that is scaled down to fit children needs.

Club chair
- Typically a leather covered larger chair used in less formal areas.

Coffee table - A table that sits in front of a sofa. Designed to allow the person sitting in the middle of a sofa to have a place to sit coffee or other drinks since they would not have access to end tables.

Computer desk
- A computer desk, as one might guess, is a desk whose design function is to accommodate a computer and provide work space for the user.

Conference tables
- Typically found in an office environment a conference table is a large table use to accommodate the needs of a conference meeting.

Console TV’s - Console sets are older TV sets that are incorporated into a piece of furniture much like a buffet. The furniture piece typically holds not only the TV but also the speakers and often has an area to locate stereo equipment.

Copy machines - Copy machines in today’s office environment incorporates a shared printer, scanner and fax. Copy machines come in black and white as well as color with several different technologies regarding the print material and scanning technology.

Corner cabinet - Corner cabinets fill the corner of a kitchen or dining room with a triangular shape cabinet. These cabinets have shelves and doors typically. Some have drawers for storage.

- See Sofa

Cradle - A cradle is an infant bed that rocks.

- A credenza is a cabinet the same width as a desk made to sit behind the desk and office chair in a private office.

Crib - A crib is a baby’s bed which includes a mattress and high sides to contain the baby while sleeping.

Crib to toddler bed - This bed transforms as the child moves from baby to toddler and ends up being a small normal bed.

Cutting board island - Also call a chopping block island, these islands are topped with wood chopping blocks and usually have shelves below for storage.

Day bed - A day bed is a twin sized bed that resembles a sofa during the day and when the side and back pillows are removed becomes a bed.

Designer boxes - Boxes of varying sizes usually grouped as a design feature.

Desk - A desk is a table that seats one typically and is used to for work or business purposes.

Dining chairs - Dining chairs are chairs made for seating at a dining table. Dining chairs may have arms or may be armless.

Dining table - A table made for formal dining rooms usually 30” high that seats four people or more. A higher quality table than a table used everyday such as a breakfast table.

Divan - Divan is another name for a sofa. See Sofa

Drafting tables
- Drafting tables are tables with hinged tops to allow the work surface to tilt up for easier access.

Dresser - A dresser is a piece of furniture with many drawers used to store clothes.

End table - A table that sits a the end of a sofa or side of a chair used to hold drink glasses, lamps etc. for access when sit on the chair or sofa

Etagere - An étagère is typically a tall display shelving unit located in a living or family room.

Entertainment cabinets - These cabinets are used to store home entertainment components like amplifiers, DVD players, entertainment systems as well as DVD’s and games.

Entertainment consoles - A console or low cabinet designed to support a TV on top and house home theatre components below.

Filing cabinet
- A filing cabinet is a vertical cabinet with several drawers for use with files.

Flat Panel TV’s - Flat panel TV’s are usually 4” or less in depth and have the flexibility to be hung on walls or set on any number of furnishings. Flat panel TV’s use several different types of technology; LED (light emitting diodes), plasma, and others. These sets represent the latest technology as of this date.

Floor lamp
- A floor lamp is a lamp with a larger base and taller neck such that it can sit on the floor and provide light for people seated in chairs or at sofas.

Floral arrangements - Floral arrangements are artificial plants/flowers put in an arrangement to sit on an entry table or dining room table as a centerpiece.

Folding table and chairs - While the table doesn’t fold the legs do, allowing the table to be stored in a minimal space. Similarly chairs fold for storage.

Foosball table - Foosball table is another game room table used to play a game simulating soccer called “foosball”.

Four poster bed - A bed that has extended columns at each of the four corners of a bed is called a four poster. The columns are usually turned wood but can also be square wood or metal.

Game table - A game table is typically found in a game room or family room. These tables are usually covered with felt and used for card games.

Game table chairs - These chairs typically have arms and casters to ease their use around a game table.

Garage storage cabinet
- A storage cabinet made of lower grade wood materials to stow materials and tools in a garage setting. May have doors or not.

High chair - A high chair is designed to provide a baby/toddler safety while feeding. The height of the chair is to make feeding easier. Most have trays on the front to minimize spills.

Hutch - A hutch is used in a formal dining room to display fine dishware and collectibles behind doors with glass windows. Hutches typically sit a top a buffet which may have drawers for storage of items used in a dining room setting like silverware, place setting, etc..

Indirect lighting - Typically fluorescent lighting that bounces the light off the ceiling rather than providing light directly.

Lateral filing cabinet
- A lateral filing cabinet typically has two long horizontal drawers for filing files perpendicular to the opening door.

Light tables - Light tables are table with etched glass panels imbedded in the surface and lighted from below the glass. The tables are usually used by photographers and artist.

Lockers - Lockers are large vertical storage compartments stacked side by side similar to lockers used in high school.

Loveseat - Similar to a sofa only seating for two

Mirrors (decorative) - Decorative mirrors are mirrors or framed mirrors hung in a space for decoration much the same way a picture is place in a space. Large oversized mirrors can be placed on the floor leaning against a wall as a decorative element.

Monitors - Monitors are TV like displays used in conjunction with computers. Monitors usually don’t have tuners which would allow for the reception of TV broadcast. Monitors can usually are either tube type or flat panel type displays

Murphy bed
- A Murphy bed is often found in small apartments where space is a premimum. A Murphy bed folds up into a cabinet during the day too save space.

Nesting tables
- A series of two or more tables of similar design that fit into the next larger table until all tables are capable of fitting into the largest.

- A small table located next to a bed.

Occasional or accent table - These tables can be used in much the same way as end tables at the side of a sofa or chair. These tables typically would not match a coffee table’s design rather they are complimentary to that design.

Office chairs - Office chairs a chairs designed for everyday prolonged use often incorporating ergonamic design to provide better back support for prolonged daily use.

Office Cubicle
– A cubicle is a divider of sorts usually forming a square. The idea behind a cubicle is to provide some means of privacy similar to a private office but in mass and for an affordable cost. The heights and dimensions of cubicles vary and the materials are usually some sort of constructed metal frame with a processed wood covered with a canvas or material.

Office desk
- An office desk differentiates itself from a residential desk by having drawers for files and is usually constructed of heavier materials for everday use.

Office dividers - Office divider wall are short walls used to create work spaces without actually building a partition.

Office furniture system - Office furniture systems incorporate cubicle desks, work tables, filing cabinets and shelving units as well as being pre -wired for; electrical, phone and data.

Ottoman - An ottoman can serve two purposes. It normally serves as a footrest and occasionally as over flow backless seating.

Outdoor benches - Benches made from wood and or various other materials made for the outdoor seating of typically two people.

Outdoor area rugs - Area rugs created from materials which will stand up to outdoor conditions.

Outdoor chaise - Chaise made from plastic and metal usually with a seating cushion made for outdoor reclining.

Oversized chair - An oversized chair or chair and a half is just what the name implies. Larger than a normal easy chair but smaller than a loveseat. Made to seat one person but can seat two in a pinch.

Patio bistro table - A small diameter made for two people to use.

Patio lounge chairs - Outdoor comfort chairs typically made from wicker, rattan, metal, plastic, etc. with a cushion for comfort.

Patio sofa
- Similar to a patio lounge chair but made for seating two or more people.

Patio storage cabinet
- Various designs and materials of construction provides weatherproof storage of equipment and materials.

Patio umbrella - Typically seven or nine foot in diameter and made from canvas, nylon, or treated fabrics designed to be mounted in the center of a patio or umbrella table to provide shade for the tabled occupants.

Phone system - Office phone systems not only include desk phones but the head end equipment with answering options and routing. These systems can be very elaborate incorporating time card functions to very simple.

Picnic table - A picnic table is a table usually manufactured from wood that is treated for outdoor use. Typically these tables set six.

Pinball machines
- Pinball machines are arcade type games involving skill in keeping a ball in play with controlled flippers.

Pool table - A pool table is typically found in a game room and is used to play game such as “eight ball” and “nine ball”. These tables typically have slate covered surfaces to play on and six pockets.

Projection TV’s
- A small projector usually mounted on the ceiling projects a TV picture to a screen or wall comprises a projection TV.

Rear screen projection TV
- Until recently a rear screen TV was among the largest TV you could purchase. They derive their name and picture from projecting the TV picture onto mirrors which in turn reflects the picture to the viewing screen.

Recessed lighting - Recessed lighting is incandescent lighting recessed into the ceiling such that is remains flush with the ceiling.

Recliners - Recliners are chairs that recline and usually extend a foot rest in the reclined position.

Retail display cabinets - Retail display cabinets are those you see at department stores for display. Typically these cabinets have glass tops with glass shelves and a solid, lockable back panel.

Rocking chair
- A rocking chair is simply a chair that rocks or glides.

Sconce fixture - A sconce fixture is a lamp made to be mounted on the wall.

Screens - Decorative screens are hinged panels of any width and height which are usually used to separate rooms areas or hide elements of a room that are undesirable.

- A secretary is a desk which is designed for the user to write or correspond. Typically much smaller than a normal desk and can have small covey holes to store writing paper, envelopes, etc..

Sectional sofa - A sectional sofa is a sofa made from several sections that are placed together to form a unique shape such as an “L” or “U” shape. Additional sections can be added to make the sectional sofa larger to fit specific areas.

Shelving unit - Shelving units can be made from wood, glass, metal and are used to display items and books. These units come in many sizes.

- A typically narrow, long table, 30” or higher made to be placed in dining rooms to be used to hold prepared dishes prior to serving.

Sleeper Sofa - A sofa which also unfolds to form a bed typically using a queen size mattress. Loveseats can also have sleeper mattresses incorporated however it is usually a twin or single mattress and is rarely found.

Snooker table
- Very similar to a pool table only longer and the pockets are much more narrow. Used to play the game of “snooker”.

- Seating for usually three found in the living room and family room.

Sofa table - A table that sits behind a sofa to support items like lamps. Often used in decorating to conceal the back of sofas. Also called a console.

Table lamp
- A lamp manufactured to sit on an end table or sofa table typically. Sometimes used on sideboards in dining rooms.

- A television or TV can be found in most any room of a house. TV’s fall into these major categories; consoles, tube type (regular and flat screen), flat panel (LED, plasma, etc.), projection TV’s, and rear screen projection sets. See the write up for each individual type for further descriptions.

Theater seating - Theater seating is a group of reclining chairs designed for comfortable seating while watching TV or movies. Usually a group of chairs are fastened together. In a home theatre there may be several rows of theatre seating.

Torchiere lamp - A torchiere lamp is a floor lamp whose shade directs the light upward rather than directly at the subject.

Toy bin unit - Usually nine plastic colorful bins sitting in a wooden unit for storing toys and art materials.

Toy box - A toy box is a box usually with a hinged lid for storing toys.

Trestle table
- A trestle table is typically a long wood table with it’s supports at the end of the table. The original design was to allow for the use of benches for seating on each side.

Trundle bed - A twin sized bed with a twin mattress on a frame that rolls out from beneath an upper or day bed. For the occasional need for two beds in the area of a single bed a trundle works very well.

Trunks - Boxes with hinged tops used both for a design statement and storage. Can be used as a coffee or accent table.

Tube type TV’s - Tube type TV sets usually sit on other pieces of furniture or cabinets. They come in two basic designs, the traditional style that has an arched face to the glass tube and the flat screen, which was designed to decrease reflections. Newer tube type sets will be flat screen.

Umbrella stand
- An umbrella stand is a vertical cylinder for holding umbrellas usually found in the entry area of a house.

Umbrella tables - Umbrella tables or patio tables are constructed with a hole in the center to hold a large umbrella.

Wine rack - A wine rack is used to hold wine bottles. Larger wine racks may include storage for glasses.


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