Furniture Buying Tips
When buying furniture be sure to do your due diligence. If possible, view the item in person. If not, contact the seller and be sure the seller discloses any and all information you need to make an informed purchase.

RecycledFurniture.com does not offer shipping or buyer protection. We recommend using an escrow service or shipment insurance plan to protect your purchase.

With regards to transactions, use your discretion but we recommend not giving out banking or credit card information. Consider a secure online transaction through a trusted source such as Paypal.

Do not give out your member information or password to anyone.

Never give out your personal information such as a social security number.

If you feel a listing is violating our Terms and Conditions please click on the Report Spam/Abuse link within the listing.

Furniture Selling Tips
Choose a title that best describes your item, price and location. For example, if you are selling a previously owned Baby Crib title the listing “Affordable used Baby Crib for sale in Los Angeles”.

Describe in great detail your item. Disclose any and everything included as well as any damage or issues with the listed item.

Disclose whether or not you are willing to ship and if shipping costs are included.

Take several photos of your item. Be sure photos show all angles and any damages to the item.

Select the most appropriate categories to list your item.

Include your contact information.

Consider using a trusted source or escrow for the exchange of funds for your goods.

Conclude with a smooth transaction. If you plan on selling more items on RecycledFurniture.com consider your reputation.


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